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Taylor Swift Does Not Need Saving On New Song “Call It What You Want”: Listen

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On 03/11/2017 at 12:13 AM, Chris88 said:

I listened to it 2 times and it's not bad but her die-hard fans make me laugh. Right now it seems like the only person who keeps talking about her haters aka Katy Perry or Kim K and Kanye is actually her. It's like someone who had a bad breakup and who says "I can live without her/him" 2 years later and you're like "yeah right". Her new music is dropping hints about a boy she likes and "attacking" her haters who seem to not even give a s%$t about her right now. She needs to move on. :yaknow:

The guy is her boyfriend of one year, Joe Alwyn. She wrote the song last year probably when things were really bad, so it was more relevant then. 

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