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2 hours ago, naturalplayboy said:

I agree with the art bit. I literally just got into collecting. I literally bought glory from urban outfitters for 14.99 even though I didn’t have a player. I bought a player at target and have been slowly growing a collection even though it’s kinda pricey.

so far I have

1. Glory - britney

2. The valley - Betty who

3. Baby one more time - britney

i found a guy selling vinyls by my job

i bought 3 used Whitney Houston singles for 5 bucks. - so emotional, I wanna dance with somebody, love Will save the day.


Ooh, you're off to a nice start!! I started buying when I got my first record player about 5 years ago now. I just hit 40 records! BOMT is #41 lol, the only Britney one's i have are

Glory (2 copies to keep one sealed)


MATM - single

Overprotected - Single


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34 minutes ago, I'mSoCurious said:

I ordered one ages ago back when they first announced it, but they called yesterday and they apparently said they don't have enough??? :gross: So I guess I'm not getting one...

WHAT?! :triggered:

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My payment method changed/was cancelled and I almost lost my order. They emailed me and said they needed to process payment 2 days before they could hold it... thankfully I changed it, and it's here in a week :(

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10 hours ago, DJSLAYZEE said:

Now for Oops, Britney, My Prerogative, ITZ, Blackout, and Circus, FF


10 hours ago, DMVofficial said:

Hope they don't release them in order, I want Blackout, In The Zone, and Femme Fatale NOWWWW

I think Oops, Blackout and either Zone or MP are your best bets for the next LP.

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