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‘Blackout’ Photographer Ellen von Unwerth Shares New Godney Outtake

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1) I know these pictures are retouched because she was definitely not taking care of herself or in the best body shape ever, but she looked extremely good. Her (clearly dirty and messy hair), the makeup, the clothes looked absolutely stunning on her. Not to mention her beautiful natural facial traits and her amazing pale, natural white skin. Why the f**k is she tanning herself to death and devastating her features?

2) She was clearly in a bad place, and I love how Ellen was able to capture all of this perfectly in the pictures. She looks innocent, beautiful, pure, doll-ish and at the same sexy, expressionless, wasted and punk. She totally captured her essence at the time in these shots, without even going too deep on her personal life. The pictures represent 100% the album too, I think Ellen listened to it carefully before creating the shots.

3) This picture would have created controversy of course, even more than the "priest" one. I love it and I think it should have been included on the booklet. She would NEVER do something like this nowadays.

Iconic bitch!

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I might get downvoted for bashing the new 'Britney' face but I don't care.

Here it goes:

I don't know why she ever thought that her face needed to be fixed. She was truly one of the most beautiful women out there. I mean, think about it. Britney wasn't a tall blonde with blue eyes and long legs. She was short, had 'stumpy' legs (according to some people), had 'normal' brown eyes and naturally dark hair. She didn't have Megan fox's cat eyes or Adrianna Lima's long, lean body. She was just a normal looking woman who looked so beyond gorgeous in her own way. She had a smile that was always referred to as a million dollar smile because it lit up the whole room when she walked in. She had an innocence about her face that SHOWED people her sincerity and heart. At the same time, she was able to transform herself from looking innocent to looking wild.

Yes, she's beautiful now 
but imho, she lost what made her BRITNEY. Now she looks like a gorgeous woman, but her Britney features have changed. She was once named the sexiest woman ever despite her not looking like a model. She had a body that was to die for despite not being tall and lean. She had and still has a body that is considered one of the sexiest bodies out there. And that has nothing to do with her being fit. Many celebrities are fit. But Britney had a certain sensuality and sexiness about the way that she moves her body that made everybody stare at her. I literally don't know why she would ever consider messing with her naturally stunning face. This recent photo that Ellen Von Unwerth posted captures THE Britney that we all fell for.

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