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Watch Fifth Harmony Slither Around In Pink Latex During “He Like That” Performance On Jimmy Kimmel Live

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I never liked them and they are soooo sexualizing every single thing. I don't care about some skin and such but this was just painful to watch!

They looked like they were in their 40s being real stiff walking around in those ugly slutty costumes. hence even POM has better costumes lmao.

No this was just an attempt to mislead you from the flat vocals. They have sounded much better than this.....

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8 hours ago, britney_rocks said:

Every time I watch them, or listen to their songs it reminds me of how lucky I was to grow up during the Spice Girls era :weusay:

Seriously. These poor girls would have had no chance if they were out at the same time spice girls were or if spice were out now. I'm waiting on PCD to show them what's up. 

*dont let me down PCD*


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3 hours ago, DJSLAYZEE said:

I’ve seen better - this was :selenerz: they  bumped into each other a bunch of times like this wasn’t the first time they’ve rehearsed

This. They have zero interaction between each other, they aren't in sync and they just don't seem to know how to ''complement'', '' highlight'' each other. It's uncomfortable to watch them tbh.

And I'm not even gonna comment on their outfits :gross:

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