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[POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

The most annoying move on POM?  

246 members have voted

  1. 1. The most annoying move on POM?

    • ADHD arms and hands moves
    • Knee bending
    • Fixing hair
    • Half-assed hairflips
    • A few steps forward and backward just to fill the time
    • Waving to the dancers
    • Knee tapping in Make Me
    • Slow moves during Do Somethin' (they could be done in one second but she did them like 10 seconds just to fill the time)
    • Sneaking around in Toxic
    • Butt wipping
    • Boys moves
    • Breast explosion
    • Fixing the outfit
    • Quick head tilt
    • The "shocked" face
    • Half-assing moves that ruin the SP choreo
    • Forgetting where to go
  2. 2. The most annoying move on POM? part 2

    • Childish butt shakes
    • Swing moves

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Her hands!!!

Idk what she’s doing with them but they’re  always flopping weird and she ends poses with then in like an okay symbol or something and it’s like she can’t control them a lot of the time.

Just find it strange.

It actually bothers me and she needs to work on it.....

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voted for Boys, but the Circus farts are close.

Also from Circus, there's a "move" where she just grabs her pinky or some other finger, and just moves her hand to the side and takes it back to the front or something like that. I have to watch the performance again, but I'm at work and I shouldn't even be here typing this :P 

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I think we should have two categories or sth, because there's the choreo and then there's Britney.  If we're talking choreo, I'd vote the fart move during Circus because I hated it since the very beginning. If it's about Britney, I'd go with the knee bending/bending slightly forward because I think it's one of the first weird mannerisms she picked. That was around late 2014/early 2015, I'll do some research and see if I can get receipts lol (somehow I can see her doing it during WB). :giggleney:

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All of them are annoying AF! but I chose the walking forward and backward for no reason, she's literally doing nothing just, being there :girlwhat:

The problem is not the bunch of those horrible moves, the problem is that they are followed by the same stupid moves. She's done most of those moves her entire career, it's just that they weren't obvious because the rest of the performances were filled with actual choreography. 


Oh, you missed the invisible pole move in DYWCO :tiffcackle:

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