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October 11 - Piece Of Me Show Professional Pics

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Just now, BoyToySoldier said:

I actually love that top but it literally looks like she didn’t have enough time to put the full costume on so she just runs onstage half dressed. :meltdown:


i’m done commenting on her outfits, as if my outrage could change anything. I’ll just focus on her meme-worthy facial expresions


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51 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

those are different feathers than the previous ones


Yeah, it looks like they had to make a brand new skirt for last night's show. It's a watered down version of it tho, in the WB videos you can see there's an empty section with missing feathers where you can see her "underwear" :quirkney: The top seems to be the original from the iHeart festival though, and it's awesome!

37 minutes ago, jennyj said:


It's Fierceney, bitch! :gloss:

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2 hours ago, Alex_1991 said:

Jesus christ where's her hairbrows she looks 70

if a makeup artist sees this he/she will freak :orangu: 

she chooses heavy eye makeup and with that intense stage light it makes her look older and also the fact that her eyebrows became invisible 

i know that she is going for this look and she thinks it works cause it looks like stage makeup


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