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Fergie Is Still Paying Off Her 'Double Dutchess' Videos

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"I might be about to go on credit."

Fergie's Double Dutchess era cost a pretty penny.

The pop star put forth videos for every track off her new album, and they're stunning, but the cohesive collection came at a high price.

In a new radio interview, Fergie was asked whether she has any debts, and surprisingly her answer was yes.

"Yes. I am still paying for all the videos that I did for the album so I think I might be about to go on credit," she admitted. "I have things that I could sell. It's fine. It's cool. You know what? It's all good?"

That doesn't sound very reassuring.

Help Fergie out and buy Double Dutchess on iTunes right now.

Watch her response below:

Relatable Queen.

Thoughts on Fergie's response? Let us know in Exhale.

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I’m actually shocked by this album. :girlwhat:

To my surprise it contains some of my favourite tracks of 2017. I guess you could point out some of the production sounds dated, but reinvigorated in her own style. 

Standouts for me are tension, just like you,  enchanté (major standout track for me), you already know and ofcourse M.I.L.F is still fun. 

So I’m kinda happy she invested in the album. 


 Love this mock cover.

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