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Vanessa Carlton Dragged Taylor Swift For Staying Silent On Harvey Weinstein

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gwyneth paltrow already released a statement. f**k is vanessa  saying. this just makes her look like she has some kind of vendetta against toilet swirl.

she should focus on criticizing kate winslet, cate blanchett and meryl streep to name a few. kate winslet is in woody allen's newest film and didnt say a peep when asked about him. sure she doesnt have to, just as toilet swirl doesnt have to, but all kate knows is the allegations about woody, same with harvey. so how come she's so vocal about one but not the other? meryl streep gave polanski a standing ovation and said she is sorry hes in jail. all these women have a lot to say about harvey. why so selective? all hypocrites. harvey is a disgusting piece of sh!t but toilet swirl is not required to comment. period.

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