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Shania Twain's New Album 'Now' Debuts At No. 1

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On 10/9/2017 at 5:13 PM, mmmpatti said:

You've obviously didn't read the article much since it stated  " 134,000 were in traditional album sales", meaning, people actually physically purchased the album. So with or without the help of the ticket bundle, she still would have the #1 album regardless. And I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere (not 100% sure) that the tour bundle #'s were not included in the count.

This isn't true... I remember when Gaga was giving out Born This Way for 99¢, RIAA changed the rules that the customer must spend at least $5 on a 10-track minimum album for it to count as sale. 

Shania's tickets are well over $5 so any album included with a ticket sale also counts as an album sale. The 134k is including the ticket bundle.

"Traditional album sale" just means the entire album was purchased as opposed to 1,500 streams = 1 album

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