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anyone hear any similarities between britney songs and other people's songs?

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i mean by style and where they are placed in the album

for example - Criminal from Femme Fatale and Love Will Remember from Stars Dance

they both close the standard editions of their albums and they both have that "breath of fresh air" feeling from all of the electro music from the songs before them

and also

tik tik boom

and Jewels N Drugs

they both are that one "hip-hop" track from a dance album and both feature rappers and T.I. :britdrown:

maybe I'm just noticing trends that everyone follows idk I'm bored and got nothing to do before going to the club

any other ones?


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Britney's music rarely sounds like others to me because everyone that tries to sound like her does it so much worse. They always sound cheap in comparison. I will say that some of Tove Lo's hits (Habits, Talking Body) had a Britney feel to me though. 

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