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Remember that tacky song in Spanish that ripped of FTBOMBH? There's a new version of it...

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This was the original rip off by La Factoría :embarrassney::


This is the 2017 version by JNS:


I don't even think they know the "original" was a rip off from a Britney Spears song :quirkney:. Todavía was a huge hit in Latin America back in the day, more than what FTBOMBH ever dreamed over here :yesokay:

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Just now, danny1994 said:

We know how much Britney loves to follow trends, maybe she should record a cover and release it :tiffcackle:

Spanish music is hot now :tiffcackle:

good idea! :tiffcackle: have u heard about the latest collab that needs to happen? "hottest rapper right now" cardi b :tiffcackle:

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