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Britney feat cardi b ?

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Nobody's sure that Cardi B won't be a one-hit wonder (kinda like Iggy). She's trendy now but *inserts we have to wait and see gif* 

Plus, no collab with any hot artist right now is going to make Britney successful and more popular. She and her team need a reality check and need to work on her career a little more and make massive improvements. 

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7 hours ago, Urbanney said:

Ffs, how many "Britney ft. (insert trendy artist)" threads are there going to be?  Britney having a trendy featured artist isn't going to do sh!t. If Make Me wasn't successful, clearly there's a problem and it's not the music. 

Make Me debut at #17 on the hot100

It went #1 quickly on itunes after its release

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I like Cardi. Why does nobody like Cardi? Her personality is definitely raw but it's real and I think refreshing, she's also pretty humble so far. Maybe I have a soft spot watching her come up on love and hip hop. 

As for a collaboration with Britney. I'd like to first see Cardi get another hit under her belt and I'd like to see britney have a few successful solo singles, and then a collaboration can commence. I wouldn't be against it in that case. 

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