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Britney's S&M Verse

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I was listening to the S&M remix with Britney and her verse is so intense! :wendycry:

[Britney Spears]
Just one night full of sin
Feel the pain on your skin
Tough, I don't scream mercy
It's your time to hurt me
If I'm bad tie me down
Shut me up, gag and bound me
Cos the pain is my pleasure
Nothing comes better


She sounds sad and it reminds me of this everytime I hear it



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Her verse made the song tbh. It was like... Rihanna's verse was a teen romantic movie, eyeing the whole s&m concept and than there's Britney, wham, smashing full hardcore porn :hipney: I always loved her voice on this one, her vocals are made for songs like this. It's like she oozes sex. Orgasmic!


And everytime I hear her verse my inner slut comes out and want to dance naked and steal other ppl's boyfriends and stuff

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Welp, I've learned some lyrics today!

I always thought it was: 


TOP BOTTLE*, scream mercy...

...If I'm bad, TELL ME DAD**


*like top-shelf alcohol...the good stuff

**Yes daddy! I'm totally still keeping this lyric, if I ever listen to that song again. 

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