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Miley Cyrus' 'Younger Now' Is Not Selling Well

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6 hours ago, really really cool guy said:

A number 1 means nothing. If Britney released Glory on a different week she would easily get that n1. It's all about timing. Even Sia got a n1 with 50,000 copies sold in 2014:outwithit:

IA but Miley is a big brand too...40k is tragic :mattafact:


On the other hand 70k is huge for Demetria :tiffcackle:

Actually it’s Demi’s worst debut week in the US so no and this time she had a slightly bigger hit than Confident had...

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She baited everyone releasing a good song like Malimu, then turning weird again for the MV of "Younger Now".

The Public did not like that. Also the album cover looks like Bangerz Miley so I can see why people did not buy it.

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