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Miley Cyrus' 'Younger Now' Is Not Selling Well

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2 hours ago, Via Infinito said:

to be honest she is more like an one album hit wonder


I thought she was actually more successful during her Hannah Montana years than she was during Bangerz? I feel like I remember "Party in the USA," "See You Again," "7 Things," "The Climb," and even "The Best of Both Worlds" receiving about the same amount of airplay as her two big singles from Bangerz. Because I was by no means a fan of a pre-adolescent girl with a blonde wig and the "Achy Break Heart" father, so aside from massive airplay, there's no reason for me to still know the lyrics to all of the aforementioned songs. :mattafact:

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... with Younger Now (40k sales) and Demi at No. 3 (like 70k sales) I honestly no longer feel bad about Glory (No. 3, 112k sales.) It really shows that promo and performances don't really do much for album sales, singles maybe a bit different  

Glory is still low in comparison to Thiefonce and Taywhore, but who cares. If Demi and Miley arnt irrelevant than neither is Britney! 

If she released a new album this year I'm sure she would have gotten at least 100k sales. 

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A number 1 means nothing. If Britney released Glory on a different week she would easily get that n1. It's all about timing. Even Sia got a n1 with 50,000 copies sold in 2014:outwithit:

36 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

Britney's a bigger name and brand and therefore should be doing better than these newer acts by default though. :blurp:

IA but Miley is a big brand too...40k is tragic :mattafact:


On the other hand 70k is huge for Demetria :tiffcackle:

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