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How annoying it must be to follow Beyonce on IG?

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46 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

Britney posts professional pictures of herself all the time. You see all the photoshoots she posts to her instagram? :gross:

Nothing wrong with it

Not all of them, very few are. Have you seen the messy hair pictures? :tiffcackle:

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she's basically a stuck up diva (kinda) although I love her music but I bet she's not the one making decisions there it's all done for her she doesn't seem to care about social media that much, honestly Miley's ig is my favorite celeb account , she posts about veganism helping animals , cuddling with her mom and dogs , and other nice stuff , she even posted a photo of herself with a zit on her forehead with something like "I have a huge zit on my forehead" I simply love that girl she's so real .:tiffcackle:

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