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Taylor Swift Sent A Bouquet Of Flowers To An Injured Police Officer Hurt At Route 91

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8 hours ago, SlayOut said:

Since when do we judge the actions of one person to justify or solidify the impact of another? :whitney: While Britney may have not done something tangible in the now two days following the tragic events in Las Vegas, I wouldn’t necessarily count her out of doing something.

We’ve seen that she doesn’t just perform in Vegas and not contribute back to the city. Hopefully you realize she set and accomplished a goal to raise $1 million for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation to help expand the medical facility/campus in Vegas and create 45 new healing programs at little to no cost for child and adult cancer patients? :tiffanynod:


She raised a nice amount of money for NCCF through POM; can you imagine ticket sales for the upcoming leg of POM goingtoward people affected by the shooting? Hope so. :byebitch:

A lot of celebs who do give back quietly and do not feel the need to publicize it

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