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Britney Store: "Britney Witch" Halloween Tee on sale

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33 minutes ago, It'sSamB!tch said:

problem is that people go crazy and paranoia because they BELIEVE in it too much.

I've had the same thing with my friends like you had but at the age of 13 I believed in paranormal activity (I still do) and they made so scared, I had trouble with sleeping for 3 weeks....People really go insane with all of this stuff (mostly cause of silly jokes sadly).


I do still believe in ghosts and such but choose to believe it in a positive way: I believe people with a strong will to protect their loved ones are still around to fulfil this last wish as example.


Call me crazy:outwithit:

you're crazy:tiffcackle:

19 minutes ago, breatheheavy said:

It's hideous though :tiffcackle:

with $45 just get an actual ouija board and prank ur friends instead of this cheap ass shirt :tiffcackle:

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7 hours ago, Dynasty said:

not at you bitches believing ouija board actually works in any kind of way :gloria: 

I have my reasons. If you wanna go play with one, more power to you. :yaknow:

6 hours ago, Shadow. said:

its actually pretty cool merch, im impressed :tiffcackle: i've never tried the ouija board but i find the paranormal so interesting.

It's way too expensive for a shirt, lmfao, I admit-- but I actually don't have a Britney shirt, so why not? Same, though. I'm shocked it came from Team B. :hahaha: I have a few times as a teenager, but have stayed away since then. But I do, too.

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