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Demi Lovato Finds Her Sound On New Album 'Tell Me You Love Me': Stream

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5 hours ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

I'm so curious to see how this does on the charts honestly. I listened and I hate it. Her previous album was so much more her and different. :wyd:

Premiere week will be less than 75k... with streaming (without would be less than 55k)

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On 30/9/2017 at 2:14 AM, ynot8000 said:

Damn, on first listen  "Ruin the Friendship" is a fucking masterpiece. Minimalist sonically and lyrics are  genious. That base line, those horns, her toned down breathy vocals! Anyone else really feeling it?

loved it so much! the whole record as a piece is very solid

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2 minutes ago, ChosenSparkles said:

Demi album debuts in US:

Don’t Forget : 89k (pure)

HWGA : 108k (pure)

Unbroken : 97k (pure)

Demi: 116k (pure)

Confident: 75k (pure) / 98k (sps)

it’s 20k less than Confident

Oh damn. That's a mess :girlwhat:

Cant say I'm shocked. The album is a D- at best. 

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Without Sorry not sorry and Instruction this album offers no bangers, which could be okay if the rest of the songs would be more different.


All have this moody instrumentals, some songs are just weirdly placed.

As after sorry not sorry comes tell me you love me where the first verse has the words sorry in it again, which made me cringe.

And then the two last songs on the standard version (concentrate and hitchhiker) are like the exact same instrumental at least i always thought they were one long song as I play my music gapless.

For the time she took with that album, i don´t see that much of an effort to be honest. On the other hand Confident was quite overproduced, Guess she hasn´t found the middle yet.

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