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9 hours ago, I am Max. said:


This one slays. And using Cinderella as first promo single was the best idea ever. 

I actually really dislike that one. The random none single tracks are really immature ones. Breathe On Me and stuff would have been better and i think i remember some great tracks cut. Its like a compilation of mostly bubblegum Britney and not in a good way.. her team sucks asss

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My dream for her 20th anniversary is that we get an album of rare and unreleased material! I think it would be cool if they did something similar to TSC, but with her albums where the deluxe edition could be the boxset of her studio albums and include the disc of rare/unreleased and then the standard edition would just be that disc! 

The deluxe edition aka boxset could be titled like Britney Spears: 20 Years 

Then the standard could be 20 Years: Hidden Gems & Unreleased

Theoretical track listing 

1. The Joy Of Pepsi
2. Now And Then
3. Right Now (Taste The Victory)
4. I'm So Curious
5. Walk On By
6. I've Got The Urge (To Herbal)
7. Intimidated
8. Over To You Now
9. Chaotic
10. Girls And Boys
11. Guilty
12. Downtown
13. Take The Bait
14. Freedom
15. Secret
16. Red Is The Color
17. Love The Hurt Away
18. Grow
19. Like I'm Fallin'
20. Wonderland
Bonus Track (international)
21. Outrageous (Video Mix) Feat. Snoop Dogg

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I'd rather have remixes

  • Baby One More Time Tour Intro
  • Crazy (Crazy2k Tour)
  • Baby One More Time (BOMT Tour)
  • Sometimes (Alternate Version)
  • Born To Make You Happy (BOMT Tour)
  • From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart (Crazy2k Tour)
  • Oops I Did It Again (VMA Remix)
  • Lucky (POM)
  • Stronger (OIDIA Tour)
  • Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know (OIDIA Tour)
  • Boys/ I'm A Slave 4 U (ITZ Promo)
  • Overprotected (DWAD Tour)
  • I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman (AMA Remix)
  • Me Against The Music (NFL Kickoff)
  • Toxic (Circus Tour)
  • Everytime (OHT)
  • Outrageous (OHT)
  • Do Somethin' (Circus Tour)
  • Gimme More (Circus Tour)
  • Break The Ice/ Piece Of Me (POM)
  • Circus (Circus Tour)
  • Womanizer (Promo Edit)
  • If U Seek Amy (FF Tour)
  • Radar (Circus Tour)
  • Hold It Against Me (FF Tour)
  • Criminal (Radio Edit)
  • I Wanna Go (POM)
  • Till The World Ends (FF Tour)
  • Work Bitch (POM)
  • Perfume (POM)
  • Make Me (VMA Remix)
  • Slumber Party (POM)


  • Do You Wanna Come Over (POM)
  • I Will Be There (Crazy2k Tour)
  • Material Girl/ Black Cat/ Nasty (BOMT Tour)
  • You Oughta Know (Circus Tour)
  • Baby One More Time (DWAD Tour)

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