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I actually kinda want to defend 'greatest hits' albums. I think they do have a purpose. They do seem silly if you're a huge enough fan of the artist that you already have all the original material to start with. And they do seem silly if you're talking about an artist that's been dead and the unreleased stuff has pretty much dried up. Goodness knows how many greatest hits albums Falco's team has been releasing since his death--although Falco 60 was wonderfully put together. There are some artists that you might not like the bulk of their material and the greatest hits pretty much covers everything. I bought Dokken's greatest hits and decided to youtube the rest of their stuff, I don't think I'd necessarily buy the rest of their material. I got all the best songs on the greatest hits album.

And I acknowledge this is coming from somebody that still enjoys physical albums. I realize there's more freedom of choice for the ones that reject physical and prefer downloads instead.

I'll put one annoyance I can think of when it concerns GH albums. I like some of Ratt's earlier albums and bought the physical albums. I had to buy a Ratt GH album because there was one song that wasn't on any of the other albums. At least it was on the cheap side. Guess the thought was "It's 2017, who's really buying Ratt albums anyway? :tiffcackle:"

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23 hours ago, CJMCH said:

that was an idea created by fans, RCA didn't even mention this CD at all


That's because the Best Of is not even from her team. It doesn't count as a CD in her Discography. 

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