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She's Back! Avril Lavigne Takes Flight On Grey's New Song "Wings Clipped"

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Welcome back, Avril!

Avril Lavigne soars on new song "Wings Clipped."

There's a wild rumor that Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by some woman named Melissa. It's a response to the Internet trolls having too much time on their hands, but Avril is very much alive and sounds like her old self on electronic duo Grey's new song, "Wings Clipped," which also features Anthony Green. The track lands on the band's new EP, Chameleon, out tonight (Sep. 29).

"They say it's weakness but you're just an angel with your wings clipped," Avril sings over pop rock production. "Someone came and took all of your secrets / Now you can't fly away." It's very Avril, and it's very refreshing.

The track will be available to stream beginning at midnight. I did spot the track all over YouTube, so if you're eager to listen now search "Avril Wings Clipped" and enjoy.

The track feels like something out of 2006, and I am perfectly fine with that. If I hear one more stuttering EDM-style track today I'll lose it.

Earlier this month, Avril promised her new album will "be here before you know it." Stay tuned...

Thoughts on "Wings Clipped?" Let us know in Exhale.

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