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I had a date last night (Britney-related / share your stories)

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I had a date last night, and the guy turns out to be a Myah Marie fan. He didn't know Marie does background vocals for Britney and was playing me his favorite songs, like “Feet on the Ground” and “Candy from Strangers”. So there's real people in the world who actually listen to Myah Marie songs and think she's good. I said no word about the Britney Jean fiasco.

Have you had similar stories? Please share them!

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I went on a few dates with this guy. First date we talked about music and on the second when I met up with him, he burned me a copy of BJ right when it leaked. 

Ironic thing is, I was late for the second date because I was burning a copy of it at home for mysef to listen to on the drive there:urite:

We didn't go past 3 dates, he was pushy and kinda a puss honestly. I thought it was sweet that he burned me the cd though! 

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