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Cardi B Eviscerates Azealia Banks After Banks Called Her "The Poor Man's Nicki Minaj"

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5 minutes ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

@BoyToySoldier I can't find the quote button, so I'm gonna mention ya instead.


Iggy's career is almost non-existent, but at least she still outsells Banks. If they collab and become linked, Iggy will sink to ultimate lows in her career.

I mean Azealia hasn't even had a proper release so that's not much to go by. :orangu:

Iggy's a sweet girl, but she's not cut out for hip hop. She isn't good. T.I. ghost wrote all her sh!t. She should try and start modeling, she has a somewhat exotic look for a white woman that I'm sure the media will love.

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@BoyToySoldier Iggy's a total sweetheart, she didn't deserve the waves of hate that brought down her debut. That being said, I think she could largely benefit from going back to what made Fancy and Black Widow such bops. Take something that was originally written as a pop song, throw away the verses and flow over that. I will say that Iggy didn't ever know when to shut up, and that's largely what got her in so much trouble. She finally learned after the whole cheating scandal with her fiance though.

But yeah, I think she'd make a good model.

And why is Exhale fucked up right now? I don't see a quote button, I have to go to my notifications page or they won't load... And everything looks pretty bad.

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