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Is "I Run Away" Britney's best song?

Yes or yes?  

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  1. 1. Is "IRA" the best song Britney has ever released?

    • Yes
    • Yes

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I think so and it truly deserved to be a single. The second verse is everything and more, and I think it would have been a gamechanger. Literal perfection and I have come to the conclusion that is her besT song. The original Queen of Depression. And that is the tea for today. giphy.gif


P.S., no I Run Away slander allowed in this thread. giphy.gif

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4 hours ago, Pedro Dantas said:

No, Toxic is.



Yass we love TASTE. Toxic, When Your Eyes Say It and I Run Away are tied for me at #1 but it all varies depending on my mood.

Toxic is in fact a masterpiece and I really hope she has it in her someday to release a song half as good.erOMK_s-200x150.gif

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4 hours ago, IUSAtonight said:

I wish they would had released it as a single instead of not a girl or ILRNR :mhm: 

sis please tell me you're not coming for the iconic and timeless anthem not a girl. giphy.gif


Ilrnr should have never happened since it was such a pointless single/awful cover but not a girl is a cute bop that was actually very iconic back then. I just wish she had it in her to release IRA with an avant-grade themed video in a enchanted garden or smth.  How iconic would that have been.giphy.gif

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