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The Greatest Show

Great Audience interaction/fun stage moments

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Post some!!

The Tamborine saga.

At 0:14  Chris Martin hears a tamborine and asks him/her to stop and starts rambling about tamborines at the End (6:35) He adds extra Lyrics to the song “people ask me CHRIS, what is your favourite type of drum machine…I tell them..ughhh…tough one…but I think I’d have to say the Tambourine"


Viva La Lyrics

At 1:43 Chris forgets the lyrics and asks the fans for help. After they help him he says "thank god it was number one" He then at 2:20 changes the lyrics to "Oh thank goodness this song  went to number one"


Guitar tuning problems with adorable audience interaction


 "Please dont put this on Youtube"

Mic fail

At 2:35 Adeles mic fails and the audience sings for her

At 0:34 Piink stops the show after seeing a little girl crying


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