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Kendall Jenner Clones Fill In For Fergie In The “Enchanté (Carine)” Video Featuring Axl Jack

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Head spinning.

Kendall Jenner stars in Fergie's headache-inducing music video for “Enchanté” featuring Axl Jack (her son).

First thing's first: Fergie's new album Double Dutchess is officially out! To celebrate, the pop star released another new music video from her Visual Experience. It stars Kendall Jenner doing things Kendall Jenner would probably do when the cameras aren't following her. Like waking up fresh as a daisy, looking at herself in the mirror and primping her hair. There's also an army of Kendall clones that sit at a table and are probably talking mad shit about you as we speak.

The bad news: the video is spliced and diced so severely that it comes across as annoying rather than artsy. Seriously, I could barely sit through it and my brain is spinning.

Maybe you'll have better luck (great track though).

Stream Double Dutchess below:

Thoughts on Fergie's new video? Let us know in Exhale.

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From what I have watched on Youtube today, Kendall Jenner seems like a decent human being who has worked on her modelling skills. As I tend to get sucked into this celebrity thing sometimes, I actually feel sorry for Kendall for all this hate. I am sure it isn't all sunflowers and bubbles for Kendall!

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The best song so far for me, in both audio and video, very nice producing and the instrumental part is really great, I've listened to it a lot of times by now.

I didn't know that was Kendal jenner until like the 4th time I watched it, I think the girl did good in the video and it looks very good as a whole project :verycool:

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