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6 hours ago, storm said:

So I was inspired by the other user on here who made some really awesome album art and his own version of the tracklisting so I thought I'd make my own and after that I thought I'd make album art too and it differs from his and I wanted to know what you all think of the art and the tracklist? I know the cover is kinda cheesy looking but I kinda like it as a timeline sorta thing and the tracklist took awhile to narrow it down to the perfect mixture of popular commercial songs to hidden gems that people would love and I tried to make every song mix well from one to another whether it was done via similar instrumentals or if they were both ballad type songs or if they had to do with similar topics like break ups or love

Front Cover https://imgur.com/JGNYYN8

Back Cover https://imgur.com/3hucQGX

Honestly, I don't know what to say...

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