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Top 5 | B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks [Results on OP]

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#1 - And Then We Kiss (133 Points)

#2 - My Prerogative (113 Points)

#3 - 3 (80 Points)

#4 - (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun (58 Points)

#5 - Do Somethin' (55 Points)

#6 - Mona Lisa (53 Points)

#7 - Tom's Diner (45 Points)

#8 - Someday (I Will Understand) (43 Points)

#9 - My Only Wish (This Year) (34 Points)

#10 - Over to You Now (22 Points)

#11 - Walk on By (21 Points)

#12 - Intimidated / Girls and Boys (13 Points)

#13 - Chaotic (12 Points)

#14 - Right Now (Taste the Victory) / Scream & Shout (9 Points)

#15 - I'm So Curious / Pretty Girls (3 Points)

#16 - Ooh La La (1 Point)




- Submit your 5 favorite songs off the album HERE: https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/ZNP59YB

- #1 - your favorite song, #5 your least favorite, favorite song.

- The deadline for submissions is September 28th - 2pm CEST / Once 100 persons voted.

- The results ceremony will be held on Septemner 28th - 2:30pm CEST (or before if 100 persons voted).




01 - I'm So Curious

02 - Walk on By

03 - My Only Wish (This Year)

04 - Intimidated

05 - Right Now (Taste the Victory)

06 - Girls and Boys

07 - (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun

08 - My Prerogative

09 - Do Somethin'

10 - Chaotic

11 - Someday (I Will Understand)

12 - Mona Lisa

13 - Over to You Now

14 - And Then We Kiss

15 - 3

16 - Scream & Shout

17 - Ooh La La

18 - Pretty Girls

19 - Tom's Diner


The survey takes a minute, so I'm expecting most of you to participate!

Thank you!! ;)




As you can see, you are using SurveyMonkey in order to play those Top 5 games. When you are voting, I am able to see what your IP address is. This is present for accuracy reasons: I'm able to tell if one person voted twice, or even more. However that also means that I'm able to know where you live approximatively. Although I'm not a murderer of any kind, if don't feel confortable with this, you are allowed to send your vote by private message right here, on Breatheheavy.


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9 hours ago, Isla. said:

Ooh I have to figure out my top 5 for this I think. Which version of ATWK are we rating?

The released version (Junkie XL Remix).


7 hours ago, Vessel. said:

I messed something, can an option be changed? :awkblink:

You can revote and I will delete your previous vote OR PM your modifications and I will manually change your vote.

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