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Niall Horan Is Heartbroken In The “Too Much To Ask” Video

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I feel emotional.

Niall Horan's new music video for “Too Much To Ask” will give you the feels.

If you're happily dating someone right now, go away. This post is for the lonely hearts out there. Niall Horan's new visual for “Too Much To Ask” is somber and melancholy.

The entire clip is him singing about an ex that obliterated his life and left him standing there to pick up the pieces alone. He walks around the city all alone, wondering what once was. There's a glimmer of happiness, though, when Niall grabs a pint with some of his buddies, but relief is temporary.

Ugh I hate being a Millennial.

Watch below:

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That cinematography was just beautiful and Niall was dare I say sexy? When did Niall get sexy?? I think it's the melancholy music and darker hair and he seemed to bulk up a little.

Niall you're adorable and thank you for a beautifully sad song and video however, this only makes me more angry that we didn't get an equally amazing video for slow hands. Ffs Niall 


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