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Britney Preps For The 2028 Olympics With High-Flying Gymnastics Practice

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You wanna hot body, you better roundoff back handspring, bitch!

The 2024 Summer Olympics will take place in Paris, France and the 2028 games belong to L.A. The princess of pop is getting a head start. She shared a new clip at gymnastics practice working on her back-tucks, tumbling and handstand walks. Like, no big deal but our fav is literally doing flips.

Body on point. Form on point. Britney. On. Point.


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Oh she really just doesn't care on stage anymore does she? She could easily incorporate some of these gymnastics into the show, but instead she scraps anything remotely athletic.

What about that thread a few weeks ago, explaining everything away with her knee issues? There's no way she'd do all of those flips if her knee was affecting her dancing. When are people going to realise that she just wants an easy job?

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