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Maddie Ziegler Stars In Sia’s “Rainbow” Music Video

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Sia's My Little Pony soundtrack song receives an inspiring visual starring Maddie Ziegler.

Sia's music videos in recent years follow a certain formula, and that extends today with the music video for "Rainbow," the lead soundtrack song for the upcoming My Little Pony movie (Sia voices the pony pop star character, Songbird Serenade). For real.

In collaboration with director Daniel Askill, Ziegler stomps around in water and beautifully pirouettes up into the sky. There's also scenes of Songbird Serenade singing the song. Per usual, there's sign of Sia anywhere.

Give it a play below:

Thoughts on the "Rainbow" video? Let us know in Exhale.

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21 hours ago, Justney said:

When is she not starring in a Sia video. That'd be news,  at this point it's predictable and old.  The girl does have talent though.

I haven't even watched the video and I was going to same thing: this is getting so old by now.:outwithit:

And funny thing is: Jordan starts his article with THIS key word "inspiring". :girlwhat:

If anything... it's lacking inspiration, having to see this girl starring in Sia's every other video, one era later.:lookover:

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