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Which Disney kid is the best

Which Disney girl is the best artist now   

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  1. 1. Which Disney girl is the best artist now

    • Miley Cyrus
    • Demi Lovato
    • Selena Gomez

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11 minutes ago, Michaelgiftos said:

I would have to say Miley cuz she has the most diverse discography and because her music is just better,  the Bangerz album is perfection, Demi or Selena couldn't pull of an album like Dead Petz, and her new vibe is now so different too. 

Dead Petz was awful tho. I think  mine is Selena because she really grew both vocally and musically. Then def Miley.

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37 minutes ago, Dynasty said:

Definitely Selena, she is really great tbh :mhm: 

Not a good singer but her two songs this year are better than Demi's whole discography. Miley has been so boring and Ariana's music is good but something's missing from her. So I think Selena too :mattafact:

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Well Miley and Demi are both talented vocalists. However, Demi doesn't really seem to have an actual ear for music; meaning, she is lacking in that innate ability to find her own sound and thus is highly unlikely to ever evolve artistically. She also lacks charisma and personability, and her voice, while certainly good, just isn't quite good enough to compensate for that.

I believe Miley has an actual capacity to achieve true artistry (something I NEVER imagined I'd one day be saying about Hannah freaking Montana). She seemingly appreciates a wide genre of good music, listens to true musical icons and pulls inspiration from them accordingly. I think in the future she could potentially record something very good, once she really finds her sound. Plus, her voice is pretty incredible, honestly. It's very unique, strong, instantly recognizable, and seems to consistently improve with age. Additionally, she is the only charismatic one of the three mentioned, which is so important. Not to mention, the impact of "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" far exceed anything Demi or Selena have ever done; the latter is actually a really great song and deserved its success.

Selena...well, she's definitely had the most fun, catchy and radio-friendly songs of the three, but she's honestly not talented in any discernible way. She can't sing at all; even when heavily auto-tuned, she is frequently off-key. She doesn't dance and is not charismatic in the slightest. She's just a beautiful girl with great producers/song-writers and was arguably propelled to her current level of fame due to her much more famous ex. 

Overall, I'm very confused as to why I just spent time writing this, since I've never so much as bought an album by any single one of them. :calculating: But, if I had to place bets on who would still be around and/or influential in several years time, I couldn't conceivably see it being anyone but Miley.

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Definitely Selena or Miley. Both have evolved sound and image wise. They both managed to let the Disney image behind them and grow as an artist.

Demi just seems constantly out of place. Like she doesn't even know herself where she belongs. I really liked her in her Disney time and Confident was a solid album but overall as an artist (= not necessarily vocalist) she's far behind Miley and Selena.



Sorry Demi


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I think all three have found the most success in the music industry than many of the other disney girls. They have crossed over into the the main music world, which i found Lindsay and Hilary were not that successful in doing. Miley is is respected and managed to rebound from being just hannah and that strange time in her life that she semi regrets. Demi has stayed with Hollywood records which is disney owned she she will probably not ever have full control of her career as long as she is with them.

Selena is my favorite so i am probably biased. and I find that she isn't a super talented singer but she has a great ear for music. She also love acting but her music seems to be more successful so I'm sure she is pushed more towards that. She has a great way of making herself seem relatable. She can dance and was improving, but i really feel the lupus diagnosis has really limited her. in the end all three of these girls have somewhat of an it factor and they should all be applauded for being some of the most successful girls to come from the Disney channel 

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I think Miley definitely won this one.

Her vocal and writing skill are all above average. And we can definitely see that she has a "vision"


Then is Selena. Who has grown A LOT since her debut.

She knows her voice and has a great taste on choosing songs.

But her expression is still pretty lame to me. Like she can't deliver emotions. That's something she has to work on.


Demi can sing. But she's the kind of "I-can-so-I-must" singer. 

I gain some hope for her when she released "Body Say" which is a laid back track and show the world that she can sing beautifully without those belting.

But then we got sorry not sorry.:Lshark:

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Miley Cyrus is the overall package. She is such a pro at everything she does. Whether it be acting or being on stage singing, she has tremendous star quality about her and she just gets it. I think with time she’ll be the most respected.

Selena is a beautiful girl, and plays on being down to Earth and relatable. She is not a good singer but she tries her best to sell it, she is a decent actress but at times can come off very bland. From the three she has probably had the most radio friendly singles, as someone has mentioned above, and this has helped her a lot to become as popular as she is. Not only that but dating Bieber, Zedd & The Weekend and being BFFs with Taylor has sort of cemented her into a highly publicized pop IT girl. And if she plays her cards right she’ll continue to grow until someone younger comes after her. Hopefully then she’ll be established enough to jump onto films full time.

Demi...lol Demi tries, i’ll give her that. Sadly ever since she left Disney she has not been able to find her sound nor image and for that reason she can’t connect with the gp. At first she sang about not selling out to Hollywood, being a cool pop rock chick and the era right after shes all spray tanned, hair dyed, tons of makeup and exactly what she said she wouldn't be. Then she went through a highly publicized era where she talked all about her issues, and something about her came off very calculated and planned, as if to capitalize off her illness and gain more notoriety. After that she has been all over, trying anything and everything to remain in the spotlight. Edgy short hair to see if people liked it, now she has a long weave, working with a hit maker like Dr. Luke, being on X Factor for publicity, doing anything to gurantee she can get another hit, but she’s been falling flat because she has lost herself trying so hard to be successful that no one really knows who she is anymore, and no one probably wants to either. I think she should leave Hollywood records, take 2-3 years and really draw out the sound she wants, and create some music thats organic to her as a person so she can improve her artistry and grow. She’s literally still making music that any newcomer off Disney can record. Generic songs that are moderate hits.

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