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Your Choice for American Idol Judge Line Up

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We all know American Idol reboot will be a mess. No one besides Katy Perry will agree to judge. Rihanna has said and even AI alumni, Kelly Clarkson has turned it down. 

Who would be your ideal judges line up?

Mine as follows:

Diddy, Katy, Jessica Simpson, and Ricky Martin


Diddy: would bring that cool, easy going vibes to the show and maybe get into arguments with Katy :urite:

Katy: shes already a done deal. :triggered:

Jessica Simpson: would be like Paula Abdul, ex pop star, that will be a mess and make the public laugh but is still a trained vocalist and could give some input :bparty:

Ricky Martin: still a heavy hitter in the spanish music industry, would give solid advice and bring more diversity to the show.:mcwave:

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