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Lady Gaga Talks About Her Chronic Pain In New ‘Five Foot Two’ Trailer

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Just now, cheri said:

and then on top of all that, turning around and LOVING katy perry's music AND going to her tourrrrrrr :tiffcackle: like oh my god, can u just not do the things that u do breatheonfarts? secondhand embarrassment :tiffcackle: when ppl think back on mariah: "such an amazing voice, gorgeous vocalist" when ppl think back on britney: "she used to be so hot....thats about it...is she still batshit crazy?" mariah has a better record than he could ever dream of having for britney :tiffcackle:  "LUUUV KATY PERRY SOOOO MUCH, DAMNNNNN LUVED HER LIVE STREAM, AMAZING" :tiffcackle:

cackle Katy Perry is one of the shittiest stars out there she made fun of Britney, mockery of mental illness, she's a known bully, yet dumb people like breatheonfarts think that her live stream was genuine? It's a fucking stunt to save her ass :tiffcackle: nothing abt her is genuine. She's a fucking act with sh!t personality and sh!t music. Nothing more. :tiffcackle:
People barely even remember Britney and the only thing they remember is prime Britney, and when she shaved her head :tiffcackle: she won't even last as Mariah did. Mariah is respected vocalist whereas Britney is seen as a joke by her peers :tiffcackle: let's be fucking realistic for once fffss :tiffcackle:

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