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New IG post with Jayden

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4 hours ago, JKW said:

Wow, Jayden has the same mouth expression as Britney had. Beautiful. :meltdown:

He really is the mini me, male version of her. It's been pretty apparent for a while but it's still so interesting to me! Adorable!

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after she posted this i went through her instagram to look at the other posts of her family and it really made me realize wow we think we know so much about britney and in some way we do but she has an ENTIRE other [personal] life that we know literally nothing about it, like bringing her kids to school, seeing friends and other everyday things, i think its so interesting and another thing is that most of her life is that and the performer we see is a fraction of her entire life and the rest of the things she does (this post is probably confusing as f*ck but oh well) 

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