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Kelly Clarkson Disliked Dr. Luke So Much She Refused A Writing Credit On “My Life Would Suck Without You”

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"There are many people in the world to befriend, and he is not one of them."

Kelly Clarkson spills the tea on working with producer Dr. Luke.

The defamed producer is currently battling Kesha in an ongoing legal battle because the singer claims he sexually assaulted / raped her and wants out of the recording contract she's locked into. Of course Luke denies the allegations, but Kelly Clarkson has some damning insight on Luke that doesn't help his case.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Clarkson said despite seriously re-working Luke's original version of "My Life Would Suck Without You," she refused a writing credit on the track because of how terrible he was to work with.

Here's a copy + paste excerpt from the interview:
"After 2004's Breakaway, she asked not to work with "Since U Been Gone" co-producer Dr. Luke because she found him demeaning and difficult in the studio. Yet Clarkson says her label forced her to reunite with him for her 2009 single "My Life Would Suck Without You." In protest, Clarkson says she refused a writing credit so her name wouldn't appear next to his, even though she says she was instrumental in developing the eventual No. 1 hit.

'If you heard the original version, you wouldn't have wanted to record it either,' she says. 'But I made it work because I didn't want the rest of the album to suffer for that.' (Of Dr. Luke's current legal battle with Kesha, Clarkson says she has no insight but adds, 'There are many people in the world to befriend, and he is not one of them.')"

That's pretty telling. Clarkson was asked about that quote in a new interview with Z100 in New York this week. She didn't hold back.

The "Meaning Of Life" singer admitted her label at the time would block her record from getting released unless she agreed to collaborate with Luke. “I was so frustrated that I was forced to work… I literally said anyone in the world but this one person. I will work with anyone that you want to put in my path.”

She adds not having a good experience with him. “I generally love everyone. You have to really be a special kind of [jerk] for me not to like you,” she says. “It frustrated me… I don’t want my name near his. I wanna pretend this didn’t happen in my life and I want to forget it.”

Watch the interview below:

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interesting...I love that she's putting her experience out there. 

I would love to hear avrils opinion/experience cause they did her third album together and she came off like she really enjoyed working with him

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42 minutes ago, I Always Sing Live said:

Yep, also goes to show how awful labels can be when it comes to creative control and forcing artists to do things they do not want. :lemmetellu:

I remember fans of her wrote she didn't wanna do this, it is not what she wanted, so they were right. :lemmetellu: And call it "All I Ever wanted" is like such a joke if you know, what she really likes (My December, those new songs)


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Maybe thats why Britneys performances were so lackluster and missing the x factor/umph/lazy/sloppy and without a care during thr Femme Fatale era. I mean,  of course she still slayed cuz its Britney,  but you could tell she wasn't feeling it on the stage. Maybe her label forced Dr Luke on her for that album and put her in the same position as Kelly (I. E not allowing the album to go ahead without him). 


I feel bad for all these artists who just want to put their art and themselves out there but are constantly constricted by the corporate machine.  These celebs are treated like season trends in a retail store. 


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3 hours ago, CrAzAY said:

It's a little sad that she waited until her album needed promo to discuss this. 

Actually, she was one of the very first people to tweet in support of Kesha when the allegations first emerged, and said something which very much intimated her fervent belief regarding Kesha's account, precisely due to her (Kelly) having worked with him before and it having reportedly been such a harrowing experience.

I remember it being notable, because Kelly always just kind of does her own thing and doesn't get involved with Hollywood drama at all. When she spoke out, it really spoke volumes about the veracity of Kesha's claims.

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16 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

Dude, wtf? He has aged horribly, how long ago was this video filmed?! I'm assuming early/mid 2000's? He looks awful now. 

It was for "The Best Damn Thing" which was released in 2007, so i guess 2006?

4 minutes ago, jordeezy said:

Do you think she let him hit it?  It's obvious that he wanted to...

Wasn't she married at that time? :girlwhat:

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