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Bonnie McKee Is A Voyeuristic Vixen In The “Thorns” Video

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What do you get when you pick a rose? “Thorns.”

What do you get when you pick a rose? “Thorns.”

Bonnie has a taste for danger in her new music video for “Thorns.” The clip, shot in first-person by director Darren Craig (McKee’s real-life boyfriend) with a $150 vintage Panasonic VHS camera, shows an intoxicating romance between the two.

Caressing her lips blood red lips with a blade and clutching a bouquet of flowers engulfed in flames, Bonnie warns: “you should know by now… that’s what you get when you pick a rose.”

McKee described her character in the video to Nylon as a “sultry, voyeuristic” and “slightly unhinged version” of herself. “I wanted it to feel like a coy seduction with a playful dash of danger, transporting the viewer back to the grungy aesthetic of ’90s cable, à la COPS,” she said.

Accurate. It's just missing the handcuffs. Watch the prickly clip below:

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