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Top 5 | Unreleased Songs [Results on OP]

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Voted! "Strangest Love" and "State of Grace" rank up there with "And Then We Kiss" (Remix) as among her best songs ever, IMO. I absolutely love that ethereal, mystical sound on those tracks. It's nearly hypnotizing. (I know ATWK wasn't an option for this poll, but it reminds me a lot of SL and SOG).

As much as I love Britney's dance-pop anthems, I would very gladly take an entire album filled with nothing but this kind of sound.

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This was really hard because there are so many of them!

I chose

1. Strangest Love

2. Just Let Me Go

3. Rockstar

4. Guilty

5. State of Grace

honorable mentions: Dangerous, (Tell Me) Am I A Sinner, Burning Up


Anyways I could really use a few more leaks right now! I'd love to hear some Glory leftovers! 

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1 hour ago, Spearsfan said:

1. Welcome To Me

2. Unbroken

3. Pleasure You 

4. Strangest Love

5. When I Say So

Pleasure You isn't an option, also please vote via PM or via SurveyMonkey to get your vote counted! :)

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