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Delicious Pork Chops

LMD sounds like a high pitched BOMT

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8 minutes ago, JKW said:

Then it also should fit perfectly on Oops, since BOMT and OOPS are basically the same. :Lshark:

Holly sh*t!!

I'm a fan since 2002 and I just noticed that. Now I love her even more!!
She made the last iconic hit of the 20th century and the first one of the 21st with the same instrumental. She is the freaking queen of everything

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6 hours ago, delicious.fried.chicken said:

I missed you too puta. Where have you been?

I'm still here but I'm not posting that much anymore, most of 'old squad' is gone or have new nicknames and I don't know who is who :mattafact:

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