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Katy Perry’s Witness Tour Looks Incredible

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I just looked in the #KatyPerry tag on IG hoping to see a flop stage/costumes to laugh at, but she looks expensive and great and she has tons of props. Her show looks like a massive pop show. What is wrong with Britney and her people? How is she letting artists that have flopped put on a better looking show than her? It makes me sad. Britney is a legend. She should be better than these girls. 

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I agree. Britney deserves better.  Even tho I read the stories about the seamstress saying she's constantly rushed and Britney does her own alterations sometimes ( :moorangu: ), they still need to invest the money just hiring LEGIT fashion designers to do pieces for her.


and now I'm lowkey less worried that Katy's show was gonna be a disaster when I go :orangu: it looks good 

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2 minutes ago, Mariah Elusive Carey said:

Witness tour outfits are tacky and ugly though. She's trying to be Roisin Murphy and its just not working boo. Britneys POM outfits may not be flattering but lets not compare her to the trainwreck that is Katy Perry.

Anyways yeah Gagas joanne tour costumes are good but honestly Britney needs a better stylist. Jennifer Lawrence has great outfits from her residency show


Britney needs Jennifer Connolley's stylist.

Some of the Joanne world tour outfits wouldn't look good on Britney but damn this outfit from The Cure performance would REALLY suit Britney


"Jennifer Lawerence" :moorangu: I'm a Lamb too :mcwave:

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31 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

I loved her in Silver Linings Playbook :moorangu:

I liked her in House at the End of the Street. she saved the movie (for me) :moorangu:


30 minutes ago, ShowdownITZ said:

Overrated actress and has an even more annoying personality :mj:

tbh i don't understand what the hell is she doing in X-Men film series. she and the writers totally destroyed Mystique. :rihit:I want Rebecca Romijn to come back. :tiffsniffle:

Image result for rebecca romijn mystique gif


Image result for jennifer lawrence mystique gif

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