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Hurricane Irma: Florida

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Hi guys, idk how many of us on here actually lives in Florida but I always run into a few of us. It's been serious crazy times down here in miami, everyone is frantically leaving, gas is nowhere to be found, water is scarce, reports vary by the hour on how bad the storm will be. It's all incredibly stressful and idk what to do myself. I haven't boarded up my place because I am not that close to water, just large lake areas so I know flooding will be an issue already. 

I also already  know we will absolutely lose power once this category 4 makes landfall (don't know where for sure yet and it's a day away) and the real battle will begin. 

Maybe we can reach out here. Any source of help is necessary when it's in time like these. Post if you're in south Florida or Florida generally speaking. Help is always needed. 

Stay safe you all. 

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I don't live in Florida but I'm worried about my cousins and uncles and aunties in Miami and Orlando. Really everyone in Florida. My cousins told me water is all sold out in all stores and its not easy traveling to another state with costs and expenses. Airlines like Delta are also charging an arm and a leg to fly out of Florida. We've tried convincing my Florida family to fly or drive to New York but evacuation is not as simple as people make it out to be. I mean I definitely recommend you and other Floridians to evacuate if its possible but I also understand its easier said than done. Also we tend to have family members that refuse to leave the county and the last thing we want to do is leave them behind. I really hope Irma miraculously dissipates somewhere out in the ocean. What happened in the Caribbean islands is truly devastating. 90% of people at Maartin Island  are now homeless. Like I said if its possible I highly recommend evacuating especially if you live in a house. It's too risky since a Category 5 hurricane is destructive and can cause severe flooding. There should be evacuation centers nearby. It will be packed but its better to be safe. Stack up on water and non perishables. If you live in an apartment building/condominium I highly recommend taping your windows and if you plan on staying home then I suggest sleeping in the hallways of your apartment as windows can possibly break. This is what happened to me with hurricane Sandy. Most importantly stick with your family at all times, stay close, go the nearest evacuation center if possible, if staying at home then avoid sleeping in bedrooms with windows. But like I said if you live in a house then it is HIGHLY recommended you leave. We still don't know how deep the flooding will be but we cant risk it.  Really praying for everyone in Florida and other states effected. Really hope this hurricane disappears. Stay safe. 

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