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Tell Me What You're Sippin On: Britney Calls Out Drunk Fan During Freakshow

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Dear Britney Army, the queen does not want to smell your vodka breath.

A couple of interesting things happened at Britney's Piece Of Me show in Vegas on Wednesday (August 30). Her manager Larry Rudolph was spotted chatting it up with Justin Bieber / Ariana Grande's manager, Scooter Braun, naturally sparking speculation that some sort of collaboration is in the works when really, they're probably discussing their quilts made of Benjamins and impending steps towards world domination.

There was also a peculiar moment during the final moments of Brit's "Freakshow" performance. You know the drill: the Glory singer charms a lucky fan on stage before spanking them with a leash and walking them around like a dog. It's all in good fun. Until... your vodka drinks splash their way onto the Queen. When Britney asks the fan what his name and age are, she gets more than she bargained for. “You smell like you have a lot of alcohol on your breath,” she says. The audience bursts into laughter and her dancers whisk Shawn offstage. "Jesus Christ," she added for a little extra flair.

Always giving us something to talk about! Watch the hilarious moment unfold below:


Thoughts on Britney's reaction? Let us know in Exhale.

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Just now, PokemonSpears said:

Maybe Larry is convincing him that Bieber needs a residency in Las Vegas :orly:

It's not like Bieber 's main audiance is under 21 or anything :mattafact:

Anyways maybe all the new talk about new ppl on team Britney is true. Just pull up streaming numbers and Glory sales, Larry. :flawlessbye: You need help dude by young ppl


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3 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:


I can't describe how much im laughing right now :tiffcackle: I guess after how Britney copied Justina Bleeper with Glory, then it's possible to collab tooooo :tiffcackle: Britney refusing to collab with Justin fucking Timberlake who was happy with the idea of collabing with her and she fucking chickened out and missed a GREAT opportunity for a great collab with someone actually good.She's so fucking BAD with her career choices omfg :tiffcackle: Np Britney keep hanging around 23 year olds. You are following too well Madonna's steps with her cringeworthy desperation :tiffcackle: Salsa Guacamole collab is coming next too probably :tiffcackle: "im inspiredd by salsa guacamolina and beeper and madonnaZ" wheee :tiffcackle: fucking tragic

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