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**UPDATE** My Xtended Versions of SOG, Hot as Ice, Get Naked, Radar, GM, BTI, MATM, POM ,JLM, MM, Better, DYWCO, Slumber Party, Mood Ring, LMD And If I'm Dancing

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14 hours ago, It'sSamB!tch said:

can't you just leak the original instrumentals already??....keep the stems for my part but give us the original album instrumentals of HAI GN POM and Liar. I beg u

I think they have been out for a little while though lol well not POM which was recently leaked... and Liar not leaked too!! Sometimes I don't relies what I have collected over the years till I look myself haha

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**Update** New mix of "State of Grace", well cleaned up too I guess my last from for Blackout for a little while, more coming up though including "Liar" the instrumental I was getting turned out to be a filter and I would rather have have material to make it right if I do it, I have a rough vocal mix with intro but is lacking body without the instruments hope y'all or someone is enjoying the remixes...

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7 hours ago, Jv31 said:

Hey! Finally got around to listening to your Blackout mixes and they are AMAZING! Especially GN and GM :Lshark:

keep them coming! 

aww thanks I will keep going. I think some people are liking them... I guess, I just wanted to celebrate Blackout in all it's glory haha. Good talking and glad you like GM and GN!!

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