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Taylor Swift Premieres New Lead Single “Look What You Made Me Do”: Listen

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12 minutes ago, Hope said:

So true. Swish Swish is a masterpiece compared to this pile of manure.

What a sad day for pop music. Pop emergency cancelled.


Whoa slow your roll. This song is not that good but Swish Swish is still straight up TRASH and the video is embarrassing. Katy is still getting karma. However we can all agree both Katy and Taylor are immature and forever make childish music. I'm only wanting Taylor's song to be a hit so she can save Mariah's record. 

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11 minutes ago, Camilo said:

I can't at people on twitter saying this song it's catchy, it's trash, the chorus is a goddam mess, the whole song is.:gross:

I couldn't agree with you more. Taylor needed to come back with something stronger, I don't think payola can save a song this bad on radio formats. :gross:

Also, I can't at the basic souls of this forum being slayed by this shitty track (including Ágatha). :gross:

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I don't like it. Bland production and it doesn't evoke the lyrics well enough. There's no anger or tinge of sarcasm or revenge.

Why can't artists these days just be themselves instead of selling out? These lyrics don't speak to anyone Taylor. Enough of these games.

If you're going to be a lazy bitch and change your image to milk your feuds and not actually work on the talent you actually have then give up your spotlight so another truthful artist can take it and impact the public


That goes to both Katy and Taylor. 

Both will be remembered for their feuds and not their music. 

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9 minutes ago, Jefe said:

I'm just gonna say it, this song is sh!t, it's fucking disgusting. Anyone who likes it is clearly a dumb piece of sh!t that has sh!t taste, sorry not sorry 



5 minutes ago, s0dap0p said:

I don’t like it :zoomzoom: I think the song would sound better if Lorde sang it :outwithit: and the whole ‘old Taylor is dead’ part is quite tacky :girlwhat:

The shade :queenie:

This is why I love Exhale LOL

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18 minutes ago, naturalplayboy said:

I'll admit I've never been a fan of that snake but all her past songs were infectious pop music. I don't know about this one. The twitter gays seem to like it but idk. To me it sounds like she put lyrics over the song in mean girls where they're getting ready for Halloween.

i think it's a peaches song.



The song sounds like a Pretty World reject. 

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