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Taylor Swift Premieres New Lead Single “Look What You Made Me Do”: Listen

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Kinda reminds me of Mona Lisa and dramatic, with the whole "woke"/ Illuminati/ media references. Except the other two are much more enjoyable to listen to. But if Taylor wants to go with a more dark image, then good for her. :gloss:

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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I'M SLAYED!!!!! 

Taylor is finally showing a darker side to herself, and I'm here for it. After seeing the album cover, if you were still expecting a light, happy pop song, then you're delusional. She has been through a lot, she is CONSTANTLY bullied and criticized, and she's not taking anymore sh!t. 

At this point, Taylor has no fucks left to give. She is putting her feelings and emotions into songs, which is what she's ALWAYS done. She's a human being who feels anger, sadness, and defensiveness just like anyone else. Britney could've (and probably should've) made a dark, angry album about 2007/08, but that didn't happen. I appreciate Tay's honesty and her complete lack of fucks this time around. 

Also, this song doesn't sound like anything currently on the radio, and it definitely doesn't sound like anything Taylor has done before. It's dark, it's different, and it shows artistic growth. I mean, look at Katy... her songs have sounded the same since day 1. At least Taylor is growing and changing as an artist.

SLAY this era Tay! 

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