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Taylor Swift Premieres New Lead Single “Look What You Made Me Do”: Listen

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On 28/08/2017 at 2:03 PM, The Greatest Show said:

In Europe she was unknown during her country days.. The Kanye incident put her  in the press but what really made her successfull here was 1989.  Id say she is as big here as she is in the US now.

she's far from being as big as in the united states in europe

in france/belgium/italy/spain/portugal/danmark/all the countries of eastern europe she's not very successful look at the charts of her biggest hits you'll see that they rarely reached the top 5

in africa she's unknown 

in asia too except for some countries like china/japan/singapore

in latin countries she's a flop


katy perry swish swish MV is a bigger success in europe than taylor's new MV 

she's far from being as global as rihanna for example (or britney)

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