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Britney Spears’ “Do You Wanna Come Over” Remixed Into EDM Banger By Trace Adam

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Trace Adam took Britney Spears' Glory cut "Do You Wanna Come Over" from 0-60 with his otherworldly EDM remix.

Thank God for the Britney Army, because without their insane talents... Britney's flawless ninth studio album would be dead in the water (justice for "Liar").

They're also responsible for creating a petition to replace all of the Confederate monuments in Louisiana with statues of her. What kind of flawlessness?

BreatheHeavy member Trace spent ages cooking up a deliriously monstrous remix of "Do You Wanna Come Over." Her vocals are pitched in a way that it sounds like a completely modified chorus. And the production? It's insanely wonderful and so unique that YouTube's copyright detection filters haven't discovered that it's a Britney track.

Give it a spin below:


Thoughts on the remix? Let us know in Exhale.

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5 hours ago, Trace said:

This took ages to finish.

Give this a listen if you didn't like that guy screaming in the chorus.:giggleney:

This mix changes almost every aspect of the original song!

Didn't realise you were on here! Your mixes are amazing! I love it! DYWCO isn't one of my favourites from Glory but this is totally a new song! :cinderellaney:


Are you also the one doing a "Better" mix? 

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