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Danja really needs to come back for B10

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2 minutes ago, Urbanney said:

Posting 1 song from 5 years ago doesn't back up your argument much, but I agree. If he can bring it like this and like Blackout & Blur with Britney again, I'm all for it.

IMO, it's not so much about what he's done recently. It's more so what he's done that's held up well. Blackout and this track still hold up well over time versus other hot atm producers who's sound progressively becomes stale as the years go by (i.e. Dr. Luke). Sure, there's a few exceptions but the majority not really.

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If he could do something fresh/innovative with her that holds up well, as you and others have said, then I'd be in.

But also-- in before someone comes to argue with you about it.  (I know you wouldn't have made the thread if you couldn't support it, though. But good luck!) :bparty:

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