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Rumors say that Taylor Swift plans to make her come back 8/18

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14 minutes ago, I_Need_Me said:

Okay, that makes sense if she isn't your style.  I respect that.  It just seems like some people think of her as a bad person and I don't know what she did that is so horrible for people to downright hate her.

No I don't think she's a bad person I don't really know much about to judge. :yaknow:  Katy, she's lost my respect :staysalty: Bye lol

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22 hours ago, It'sSamB!tch said:

They are just pressed because Taylor has got the recognition and the hits while Britney is fixing her hair and rotting away in Vegas:quirkney: I love Britney more let that be clear (!), but the jealousy towards artists like Taylor on here is HUGE.

She writes her own stuff, sings live, serves amazing visuals, GOES ON AN ACTUAL TOUR, is extremely close with her fans (I mean look at her posing with fans and than look at Britney doing the same....).... when will Britney? 

Not hating at all but stating an obvious fact and bishes will accept it.:flawlessbye:

Really b*tch? Stop overrating taylor, she's a pretty good songwriter, fine. Other than that she's a bad performer, "sings live" isn't really a compliment to her, has a lame personality. "When will Britney?" Well, considering Britney set the standard for pop performers which none of these new girls have even remotely come close to reaching, when will Taylor?

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